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    Laboratory for non-destructive control and technical diagnosis


    The laboratory for non-destructive control and technical diagnosis was formed within the National Agency for Technical Supervision based on Order no 206C- of 02.01.2002 for the purposes of diagnosis, through non-destructive methods, of highly dangerous objects.

    The laboratory is equipped with the tools and equipment necessary using the following non-destructive methods of control (MC):

    - visual check;
    - ultrasound control;
    - radiographic control;
    - magnet tools control;
    - penetrative liquids control.


    The laboratory performs MC in relation to the following industrial dangerous assets:
    - steam and hot water boilers;
    - recipients working under pressure;
    - steam and hot water pipelines;
    - water supply systems;
    - main gas pipelines and adjacent objects;
    - elevators;
    - cranes;
    - elevators;
    - petrol and petroleum products reservoirs;
    - recipients for storage of explosives and toxic substances;
    - cryogen equipment;
    - ammonia refrigerating equipment;
    - technological pipelines.
    MC is made both with respect to the assets within their normative term of use and the assets with the expired term of use, made for the purposes of its extension.  
    CN works are performed in compliance with the legal framework of the Republic of Moldova, various standards (ISO, EN, interstate, other countries), Technical regulations, including the Instructions for the control over the assets described above.
    The experts of the laboratory are duly accredited, skilled and have experience over 30 years. 
    The beneficiaries of the services of the laboratory are: ÎM „Tirex-Petrol" SA, ÎCS „Petrom-Moldova" SA, SRL „LukOil Moldova", SRL „Comerţ-Gaz", ÎM „Rompetrol-Moldova" SA, SRL „Vitla-Petrol", SRL „Dominic", SA „Edilitate", SRL „Chişinău-Gaz", SRL „Cimişlia Gaz", SRL „Ialoveni Gaz", „IALG din Străşeni", Regia transport electric Chişinău, SA „Moldovahidromaş" etc.    
    The laboratory is planned to be equipped with the modern equipment necessary to implement modern MC activities, such as: acoustic and turbine flows examination.